The broader our wheel base, the less we wobble around corners

When a curve in the road of life topples you over like a little Smart Car taking a sharp turn at 80 mph, brush yourself off and look at how you can broaden your wheel base so that you are more like a Formula 1 racing car that grips the road on the curves.

carsThe good news is that we actually are a Formula 1 car, but mostly we are identifying ourselves as a little Smart Car. The more we know and understand the true nature of who we are, the broader our wheel base gets. You will still travel the same road as the Smart Car, feel the same speed and exhileration, navigate the same curves in the road…but how you handle the road becomes vastly different.

How do we be a Formula 1 car?…we begin by noticing where we are believing we are a Smart Car. In life that looks like a belief that is inhibiting our self-expression. Look around, we all have them…I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, (sometimes disguised as I’m better than other people, I know more than other people), I’ll never be a success, it’s too late for me, I can’t get well. The moment we distinguish a belief we have about ourselves, as the untrue story it is, our wheel base broadens.

Simple as that. Happy ‘car-mechanic’ day to us all.

Published by Jenny

Jenny Rush resides in Maine, offering free resources for dealing with Lyme disease. Author and host of teleconference calls, guest speaker, retreat leader, personal coach - dealing with emotional/spiritual challenges of chronic illness.

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