So much to say about so little

So much to say about so little

Moon Dancer by Energy Artist Julia. Full self expression.

After years of reading many books by wonderful teachers and authors (Chopra, Tolle, Dyer, Gangaji, Hawkins, Katie, Rumi…to name a few), participating in personal development programs, meditating, chanting, personal introspection, listening to talks and seminars, trying all sorts of different healing modalities, I have come to realize something….so much is said about so little.

What is it we seek so desperately and with such demand that it is met by a continuous and growing body of information in such a wide variety of forms?  What comes to mind is inner-peace, love, well-being….personal fulfillment, a state of bliss.

And yet it’s not what we learn that grants us inner peace, it’s all the things we let go of that allow us the experience of a peace that is ever present and never changing.

When I contemplate my favorite teachers, I realize that why they are my favorites is because they simply remind me that all the answers to my questions are within me, that nothing or nobody outside myself can grant me a depth of a love greater than the love I already am.  That the access to love is forgiveness.  That who we truly are needs nothing.

We search tirelessly.  We don’t have to.  It’s all here, right now, within us. So simple.

So this is an invitation, with my love, to stop…and enjoy the wonder of who you are.

(And it took 229 words to say that – hah!)

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