As I walked and danced on the beach this morning, crying, shouting, singing, praying, I felt peaceful and grounded and so comfortable in the knowing that this was/is *simply* (!!) the human experience. Nothing that needed changing – just expression of what is. Emotions and thoughts flowing through me. Love, in all of its colors, flavors, patterns, textures. What a relief! It doesn’t need to be different. Nothing is wrong. ~ MW

Jenny is such an illuminating light of Love and a precious guide into Awakening. ~ JW

Retreat Participants - Lymethriving retreat Maine 2014

This retreat provided me with the time/space to go inward, to reach deep and tickle the edges of my true essence, while being supported 100% in community. To know that others were on their own journeys was both comforting and validating.  To support others, while being supported provided hope and purpose knowing that our journey was never too difficult to not be able to help someone else. Jenny gently and lovingly guided each one of us to seek the pure good and worthiness of our being, despite the burden of our current physical ailments. By being open and honest and real, she allowed each of us to be the same. ~ NH

Attending and participating in the Lyme Satsung was a very moving and life altering experience.  For me, it was the opportunity to connect with other (new) people in a very real and intimate way – – something we don’t always do or get the opportunity to do in our daily lives.  It was the realization that I am not alone in my illness…  am not alone in my journey…  and am not alone in my thoughts as so many of the participants echoed my own perspectives & feelings – – whether they were soul soothing  and peaceful or fearful and coming from a place of “separateness.”   It was the opportunity for me to be among people who were compassionate, kind and understanding.  It was a space in which I felt comfortable and loved and an experience I will not soon forget.  Thank you, Jenny, for three precious days of stillness and being. It has motivated me to be still and just be in my daily life.  ~ KR

An awakening. An honest to God, shot to the arm, awakening and awareness to who I am and where I am in my journey, both inside and outside of chronic illness.  A realization that life, experiences, our reactions to them, and illness are all intertwined.  Being introduced to the awareness and greeting of my thoughts, and that thoughts are constant but fleeting.  Allowing myself to feel any emotion that was pertinent to my journey without punishing myself (this was a BIG one – especially when you said sometimes you rest when you need to and sometimes you rest just to rest – and WOW it feels good!).. It (the retreat) was raw and real. ~ SR

I’ve thought about the retreat every single day since I left.  For me, it was an incredible experience.  So much love and support.  To be with a group of people who you can truly be yourself around – sick, in pain, tired, sad, happy, grateful, without having to explain a thing, is precious. ~ MG