Protocols and their hidden lessons – Lesson 8

Protocols and their hidden lessons – Lesson 8

Due to frequent requests about the protocols I followed to get well from Lyme disease, I am sharing them here. It should be noted that the supplements I took were prescribed by my Naturopath based on test results, so they are specific to my body chemistry. When I struggled from suicidal depression, it was also dealt with naturally with amino acids (determined by more tests) in conjunction with some soul searching and healing. I do not suggest that my protocols are appropriate to others, and I hope this is helpful in some way.Β  I would also like to say upfront that the protocols to support my body are only about one half of what I attribute to getting well.Β  The other half (I believe) has to do with aligning myself energetically to wellness and healing.

TESTING: (this information provided by my Naturopath)

The following lab tests were done over a period of one year.

1. Metabolic Analysis Profile
2. Adrenal Stress Profile
3. Organic acids
4. Amino Acids
5. Essential Fatty Acids
6. Toxic elements (RBC)
7. Nutrient elements (RBC)

Using these functional tests along with the traditional chem screen and ELISA testing helped to develop a complete picture of my nutrient, neurotransmitter, and hormonal deficiencies. Some of the tests also targeted digestive function which was a big part of correcting my immune system.


Low gluten/sugar/dairy. For a while I juiced a lot of carrots/apples (Gerson’s Therapy), but what I ultimately went back to is what resonates with me; green smoothies (predominantly kale, spinach, dark green leafy veges + banana – because I like bananas), small amounts of organic chicken, fish or lamb. I love vegetables so eat loads of them, like broccoli, asparagus and brussel sprouts. Although Lymies are encouraged to NOT drink any alcohol, I chose to continue with my evening wine and chips. I don’t eat much rice, potato or bread as a general rule, but put me in a restaurant with fresh bread and butter and I’ll eat quite a bit while I wait for dinner. πŸ™‚

(I learned that my body works hard and deserves to be nourished. I also learned that I do not have to do everything perfectly. There were times when simply wanted a meal from Boston Market and I enjoyed every mouthful.)

A day's worth of food when I was juicing a lot.
A day’s worth of food when I was juicing a lot.


Amino Acids (Amino-NR, AdreCor, Pure Adrenal 200, 5HTP)
Brain Support
Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Krill Oil
Omega 3’s
Superfoods (some in powder form): Cacao powder, gogi berries, wheatgrass, blue/green algae, chlorella
(probably some others I’m forgetting)

(I practiced, each time I swallowed a pill, to have each one be an act of kindness towards myself. I became aware that I had not been kind to myself over my life and this new way of being felt very loving.)


(all by NutraMedix)

(I learned to commit to a long protocol, even when I did not want to…and it developed my ‘commitment muscle’.)


For a couple of months I added the Salt/C+ Protocol and built up to 13,000 mg each of salt and vitamin C per day. (my Naturopath was not happy about the salt intake with this but he understood my need to take it on because it empowered me)

(I read the protocol thoroughly…it’s quite extensive. I learned a lot about diet, detoxing and a variety of other methods to deal with bacteria/fungus, rifing, coiling, hyperbaric treatments etc…and I got that there is more than one way to skin a cat – just have to find what resonates and works for me.)


Coffee enemas (per Gerson’s Therapy)
Detox baths with baking soda, Epsom salts, milk-thistle, chamomile
French Green Clay
Activated Charcoal
Dry skin brushing

(I learned that if you want a space to have something new in it, you have to first clear that space of what is already there. I applied that to wellness. If I wanted wellness to show up in my body, first I had to rid myself of as many toxins as possible. This also reduced the amount of work my body had to do to deal with my toxic load.)


Chiropractic adjustments – to keep my neurological system free of obstruction
Network Spinal Analysis – to release core tension in my spinal cord (also provided stress/pain relief)
Massage – this soothed me when I needed hands on nurturing more than anything
Energy work – Chakra balancing/Reiki/Esoteric Healing/Meditation

(I believe in servicing my car regularly, and while this is an oversimplification, I believe that my skeletal structure , central nervous system and energy fields deserve ‘servicing’. Can’t expect my organs to function optimally if nerves to them are pinched.)


Walking – 20 to 30 minutes a day, outside (at my sickest I walked/staggered 3x per week) πŸ™‚

(Learned that stiffness and pain of arthritis and general inflammation is reduced by gentle exercise. And it just feels really good to get outside, away from day to day living to breathe fresh air and get a change of scenery and energy. I know there are a lot of other benefits too…oxygenating the blood, flushing my system, sweating…)


Spent as much time as possible lying down and resting. Sometimes it was the most I could do.

(I learned that my body deserved to rest after 40 something years of being hammered by sport and long hours of working and years of being sick. It was just time to recuperate…no excuses necessary. I learned that I do not need to be sick to rest.)


Although I did not always ask for support, it was always available for me from family, friends and healthcare providers. Not sure what I would have done without my online Facebook family where we share every little ache, emotional twitch, cognitive screw up, new ‘cure’, jokes, tears and more. Talking to people who have had similar experiences is very comforting. A special hat-tip to Lisa, Paul, Pam and Cathy for being online with me so many months around the clock.

(Love is present everywhere…we need only be open to experiencing it.)


I personally believe that every challenge is an opportunity, that to stand empowered in the face of life’s ups and downs there is something to be responsible for. Last year was the most enlightening year for me to date. I had the time to just be with myself and take a good look at my whole life. It was the things I learned about myself, that have opened up my life in a new way, and that leaves me so grateful for the year I was the sickest.

(So much learned it will take a book to write it out. In a nutshell, my deepest lesson is that I matter, I am deserving and worthy of love, at my core I am whole and complete, I do not need anything and I have everything I could possibly wish for. Regardless of my circumstances, a fulfilling life is possible. We don’t ever lose our lives until we stop breathing…so although there was a time I thought I had ‘lost’ my life, I learned that this is my life, in this very moment, just as it is, and it’s up to me to make the most of it.)

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  • Catherine Hand

    March 13, 2012 at 4:13 am Reply

    Very kind of you to put this up for everyone to see. I think brussel sprouts, kale and broccoli are VERY valuable, low carbohydrate, high fibre, low sugary health foods, which I would recommend too. I know someone who almost only ate fatty lamb, lots of brussels, some eggs as his main protocol when he was at his worst, kept him alive and he recovered without antibiotics! Brussel sprouts/broccoli (cruciferous vegetables) seem to work real magic on raising healthy white blood cells, detoxifying liver of excess hormones, breaking down and removing xenoestrogens, herbicides, pesticides, raising glutathione. These green veggies also help to decrease excess fat from the liver, provide vitamin K, carotenoids. Recent studies have shown that brussel sprouts reverse DNA damage, Cruciferous vegetables contains diindolylmethane (DIM) (see below website for more information) and sulforaphane (according to wikapedia is “An organosulfur compound that exhibits anticancer, antidiabetic, and antimicrobial properties in experimental models”). DIM are great against papilloma virus/cancers and have antimicrobial activity! Most foods, like fats and green vegetables, fruits and other foods like the poly-phenols in olive oil all have antimicrobial activity

  • Lyme Thriving

    March 13, 2012 at 7:03 pm Reply

    Thanks Catherine. Wow…you are so knowledgable! Thanks for sharing all that information. It’s so interesting to read what the different veges provide and I’m happy that my body directed me to the ones it has. What is your background?
    At some point along the way I stopped researching and just went with a basic, simple protocol and stuck with it. My brain couldn’t absorb anymore and I found the more I crammed in the more paranoid I was getting about what else I didn’t know. And that was a vicious circle. πŸ™‚

  • Lisa Hilton

    March 13, 2012 at 7:08 pm Reply

    Wow Jenny, thank you for writing this all out for everyone. You are such an inspiration. And yes, you are definetly worthy of love. I am so glad you realize that and embrace it. Love to you my good friend xoxo

    • Lyme Thriving

      March 13, 2012 at 7:25 pm Reply

      Thanks Lisa. So happy we have met. Thank you for your ever present and loving space.

  • Catherine Hand

    March 14, 2012 at 4:47 am Reply

    Lyme Thriving… Researching, studying, has always been fueled by a yearning for more than meets my eye! Lyme disease calmed me down for only a year, and I sprung back wanting to learn even more, it also became my hardcore good teacher. As for fear of the unknown, the more you study the more you “connect” and realise nothing can destroy a part of us (I AM) life is creative, a MOVIE of your own mind/consciousness. Be at one (truth) nothing is seperate!

    Anyway… my educational background is in Nutritional medicine, Biology (inc. plants/microbes/parasites/cell biology/DNA/genetics) , Science and Health promotion, mental health, infectious disease, biological Psychology because I did 2 degrees (BA and BSc) and started a third one (only did 1st year and quit) mixed loads of subjects ( and did not do all I wished because I gave up a year to enjoy life/get really healthy and ran in a tick filled field and got Lyme disease. Now I still want my honours (for both degrees). Presently studying music (some theory/piano/various styles of music) stimulating my right brain/expressing myself through musical creativity, I use to compose for fun (nothing spectacular, haha!). I would love to understand chemistry a lot more! (Now Chemistry, Music, some bible LOL!). After this, I want to also re-start meditation, do shamanic drumming (for 1st time) experiment more with brain entrancement, and I have plans to grow this summer a full selection of wild/colorful veggies, loads of greens in my garden and green house. Do some of deep yoga breathing course/with meditation mentioned. Maybe one day…. kundalini meditation/yoga (strengthening the energy channel, opening the chakras and nadis)!

    Right now, I am exploring wheat/barley grass and juicing it for health (Thanks to Ann Wigmore – hey she claimed to have mended her broken bones/cured her gangrene and amazed the doctors – all with grass/flowers after remembering her grand mother teaching her that grass healing soldiers and stuff (see info below). Ann reversed grey hair with drinking grass – she died in a house fire in her 80s, she ate wild weeds (read info in her local library), grew grass and sprouted foods (mini veg garden- see “Sproutman”) in her own home (was poor and gained weight this way)!.

    I am a Reiki Master (attuned to hundreds of types, including the Usui/Tibetan/Seichim, Egyptian energies). Intuitive. I believe in spirit/life after death, evolution & creator! Who made the DNA? (like dominoes falling and moving to another domino- (each ancester creates the next one and dies out) but who pushed the first domino (a conscious force!!!) who made the first ancester (or who made DNA?) a conscious energy force! I believe in everything… angels, miracles and Divine power/intelligence! Studying magic, tells you to watch all the science Fantasy films are films with fantastic themes, usually involving magic, supernatural events, make-believe creatures, or exotic fantasy worlds, as even they are connected with our world and are true in the other dimensions! Shamans alter there brainwaves to theta to travel inter-dimensionally, our pineal gland secretes a LSD type very powerful psychedelic chemical called DMT .

    My son is severely autistic (can’t speak apart fro a few words, loves hoovers/washing machines and is 11 years old), and things in my life have made me question/think about stuff (I am less gullable/niave,took along time to ‘start’ waking up). I explore inside and out! Books, internet, courses are great but some things are experienced even in emptiness!

    Some interesting information….. (for educational purposes only, I am not a doctor, discuss/seek doctor advice before changing your protocol):



    HOW TO GROW YOUR OWN PET GRASS (cheap to feed trust breath)

    SIMPLE TO GROW IN HOME WITH HOMEMADE 3/4 TIER BASKET THING, mine is 10 tier – own design (LOL) close to sproutmans model ( as I brought the essential trays required to make it just right) but I now prefer using garden mud/organic compost. It can be great in kitchen, window or greenhouse. CHEAP/PESTICIDE FREE SOLUTION, RICH IN CHLORELLA, HIGH IN IRON/B12/VITAL FORCE) – Grass is even oxygenating my room it is placed in (I decided to grow everywhere; garden, in the house (grows faster) greenhouse for ample supply, LOL!). Our pet hamster loves eating the grass too!

    Grass for hair stylists that need to cut hair regularly.



    For those Bed ridden (with open mind)
    Read “How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body” David R. Hamilton PhD)
    Learn to heal or remove cancer/infections with your visualization (visualizing a health animal eating up spirochetes/cancer as its healthy food, making you both healthy, see cancer/lumps melting like ice, visualize and be creative with your mind, use a hoover, load of cleaners or a brush cleaning liver cells) and decrease inflammation through meditating. Learn how effective mind can be in healing us alone and REAL PROOF!

    Here is the wonderful man (David R. Hamilton, PhD)

    Mind (having faith) over matter is out-standing!

    Here’s something else I found – Activate compassion circuits in your brain with meditation-anti-aging effects.

    Psychosynthesis (Mind/body/spirit integration)
    A Manual of Principles and Techniques- Robert Assagiolo, M.D.
    Unfolding Self: The Practice of Psychosynthesis – Molly Young Brown

    There is hope. I believe in self- education and sharing it, persisting through anything that tries to test me (my bro calls me his per-sister). We need to have faith in our self/nature/universe, not solely the medical establishments! Life is like a garden full of beauty and potential, intelligence and Lyme disease is just like a little wasp that flies in the garden. Be sure it doesn’t sting you via being conscious of it being there and not encouraging it to harm you by attacking it (LOVE YOUR ENEMIES!). I discourage it indirectly by following natures rules being nice to both of us. The microorganism (spirochete) is fed by us, like our children are… you feed them junk, they misbehave. Change the environment in your body, and you change the type of organisms that can survive or act pathogenic inside us. Interesting how domesticated animals get Lyme disease, yet wild ones don’t get all lame and messed up the same. Grass/herbs/ natures foods (yes, please!). Interesting that when animals are eating grass they never kill it and grass absorbs every mineral, whilst other plants don’t, powdered grass has as much protein as beef steak, plus loaded with iron/B12! Doctors reckon we get a bacterial infection and we just need to kill it with antibiotics, but then some end up with Candida next and so forth, needing more medications for many reasons I will not go into. I will mention why it may fail to cure is of dis-ease. Drugs are based on theory of Monomorphism is the cornerstone of Robert Koch (1843-1910) and Louis Pasteur’s (1822-1895) Germ Theory of disease (basically you get infected with one bacteria/fungus/virus and you need a drug treat this, there not inter-related or connected). PLEOMORPHISM ( Believe that our body is like a huge ecological environment which allows microorganisms (good/bad) to survive in us because we have the “conditions”, allowing good or harmful organisms to survive in us or become pathogenic. Those doing dark field microscopy – live blood analysis ( . Practitioners look at various white blood cells eating up the bacteria, so many characters in the blood you could make a cartoon for kids (so they eat there veggies and think about health in a real sens) – spirochetes/fungus/anemia/uric acid crystals in blood, its amazing! ). Practitioners recommend enzymes, plenty of fresh veggies/salads/grass, low sugar/grains, good quality protein to various degrees and specific to the blood sample.

    Read: Thugs, Drugs & the War on Bugs: How the Natural Healthcare Revolution Will Lead Us Past Greed, Ego, & Scary Germs (Why Were Sick) [Hardcover] Dr Brad Case

    Every word I have written is intended to be a channel of love and healing to those that want this. All healing comes from the same source! As all foods are broken down to same energy ATP! xio

    This is my background.

    • Chris

      October 1, 2016 at 10:49 pm Reply

      When you are hitting bottom, can’t get out of bed, depressed, in pain, afraid all day long what do you do with your time? Reading for some reason is hard. Can’t concentrate. Watch TV all day. Comedy if I can find it.

      • Jenny

        October 4, 2016 at 6:47 pm Reply

        There is a blog posting called “Depression, an access to Love.” This reveals what my down days were like and what I did to work through them. Also, for a more detailed chronicle of my healing process, read book “Chronic Illness as an Access to Quantum Healing”. Available on Amazon. Inexpensive and an easy and relatively short read. Hope this helps. xoxo

  • Lyme Thriving

    March 17, 2012 at 12:54 am Reply

    Thank you Catherine for all of that information. That is so great and you are a generous wealth of information. You will be a great source of information and support for many. Have you read “The Disappearance of The Universe”? My all time favorite book based on The Course In Miracles. My guess is that it would be right up your alley. πŸ™‚ Look forward to getting to know you better as time goes on. xoxo

  • Nootropic

    March 31, 2012 at 4:13 am Reply

    I adored your wonderful words. awesome stuff. I hope you release many. I will carry on watching

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    • Lyme Thriving

      April 6, 2012 at 10:43 pm Reply

      Thank you so much for reading and giving feedback, and for the encouragement to continue writing. I plan to. πŸ™‚

  • Lawrence G. Stern, D.C.

    April 14, 2012 at 10:46 pm Reply

    Network Spinal Analysis, Nutri-Energetics Systems ProVision Scan, Quantum Reflex Analysis with Zyto Technology. I’m developing a system of care and technology designed to strengthen the body, provide greater flexibility and adaptability in order to support those with Lyme and its devastating effects!
    Thank you!

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    • Lymethriving

      August 1, 2013 at 7:07 pm Reply

      I have my blog in WordPress and used PageLines template. The rest of the site (all pages outside of Blog) were custom created in regular html. πŸ™‚

  • thaia

    August 18, 2013 at 9:33 am Reply

    Hi Jenny!!!! Thanks for sharing your information! You are a great writer! So many talents :). I will definitely be reading your blog. Is it ok for me to refer to on my page? XO, Thaia in NH

    • Lymethriving

      August 18, 2013 at 6:54 pm Reply

      You’re welcome and thank you Thaia. Yes, please feel free to refer on your page. Really want to see more and more positive information and support out there for everyone. xoxo

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