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I am always happy to have a conversation with anyone who could use a chat. If you would like to have a phone call, please email me at and we can schedule a time to connect.

One-On-One Coaching

Chronic illness understandably draws our full attention to tending to the body. While it is appropriate to care for our bodies in whatever way feels right for us, we often overlook the aspect of ourselves that contributes profoundly to our healing journey; our emotional/spiritual Self. Healing at the emotional level creates an energetic foundation upon which physical healing is supported. And having a coach to guide us or keep us company along this journey can be helpful beyond measure.

The most direct path to this healing is to realize the truth of who we are; that which lies beneath all the circumstances of our lives. There are many possible paths to follow to the moment of self-realization. There are also many tools that can be implemented along the way to assist us to a broadened knowingness. The ‘work’ of this path is in distinguishing where we are caught up in the mis-identification of ourselves as something like a job title, a role we play in life, an illness that consumes all our attention, or any place we find ourselves stuck in emotional traumas from the past.

If you are ready and willing to begin the journey into self awareness, and feel you would benefit from having a coach to keep you moving forward, then one on one coaching sessions can be very helpful to you. While I no longer personally offer one-on-one coaching, I am so happy to share a connection to someone I consider to be EXCEPTIONAL in her coaching:

Kathy Tagudin, Mind-Body Specialist
Contact: Email Kathy here

Kathy Tagudin is a trauma-informed, mind-body specialist who helps people listen to their bodies and live authentic lives. Kathy believes disconnection from Self is the root of all pain and suffering and that mindful awareness holds the key to our health, happiness, and future.

Kathy’s birth as a healing mentor stems from her nine-year journey surviving Lyme, Mast Cell Activation Disorder, POTS, Crohn’s Disease, and Autoimmune Pancreatitis. Struggling to walk, talk, eat, and even urinate, doctors labeled her incurable. But by discovering her body’s inner wisdom, she reclaimed her lifeā€¦one milestone at a time. 

Kathy embraces Mindfulness, Positive Neuroplasticity, Somatics, Mindset Coaching, Intuition, Energy Work, and Heart-Centered Play to teach clients how to activate their inner-healer. She lives in Winter Park, Florida, with her beloved husband, Angel. Her mission in life is to remind everyone that what you need is already inside you.