About Jenny Rush

I have spent most of my life being very busy, doing lots of things, and often avoiding dealing with myself by hiding in the busyness of it all.

The Universe began giving me wake up ‘taps’ with recurring flare ups of Lyme disease. I would do things to ‘fix’ my body and then go back to life as before. In January of 2011 the wake up tap was replaced with a Universe-delivered smack to the side of my head, with the instructions to SIT, STAY, and BE.

I was very ill and gladly put myself on the couch and stayed there, however, me being me, I chose to ignore the BE part. Rushing straight to my second line of defense, which looks like intellectualizing everything, I lay on the couch and put my brain to work, working to understand my sickness, my life and my choices.

This was not what the Universe had instructed, and I was dealt another smack to my head, this time so hard it jumbled up my brain, leaving me in a perpetual brain fog and with cognitive challenges that hindered my ability to process thoughts properly, and sometimes made speaking a challenge.

With nothing I could do and little I could think, I was left just BE’ing. And in that space of nothingness, I experienced the richness that is life, the wonder that is my Self, the Oneness that we are, and I learned some lessons.

My experience of life was no longer at the affect of my illness, and I began the journey back toward health and well being, back to the love of Self where nothing is ever wrong and all is well with the world.

As part of a large community of people suffering with chronic Lyme I am committed to making a difference to any and all. To borrow a phrase from Marianne Williamson: “I share (my lessons) with an open heart, I hope you will listen with an open mind.”


Read Jenny's Full Story
Read Jenny’s Full Story