Welcome to Lyme Thriving

.An empowered patient is a more peaceful and content person, sees more opportunities for him- or herself, despite the illness, and is not constantly living in fight or flight. This is Book by Jenny Rusha good thing, because fight or flight is a stressor, and stressors are a blockage to healing. Lymethriving offers support to release stress by addressing emotional suffering, sharing in the love of friendship and supporting you as you empower yourself.

The opportunity to find peace, love and self-empowerment in the face of chronic illness is real. The emotions evoked by the experience of chronic illness are either access points to healing or blockages to healing. Nobody knows how long they will be dealing with a chronic illness, so why wait until some undetermined point in time to tap into your authentic power to alter your relationship to illness and life itself?

My name is Jenny Rush. After a number of years of dealing with the symptoms of Lyme Disease, and at the depth of the illness experience (when I felt certain that death was imminent), I had a deep realization that resulted in a shift of allegiance from my mind to my heart. This realization uncovered a deep peace, despite the illness. Using the illness experience to facilitate profoundly liberating realizations resulted in restoring a consistent experience of well-being, and ultimately wellness. It was sometimes a bumpy and messy trip, but the humbling that resulted from a transformed life experience made it rich and worthwhile. It became clear to me along my path that the primary source of healing, and the deciding factor in how I experience all of life is myself. Lyme Disease became the powerful facilitator for my healing and inner realization, and it begs to be shared with others.

This web site and it’s offerings are an invitation to explore beneath illness, beneath suffering, to discover the wonder of who you truly are, to realize peace despite the symptoms of Lyme Disease or any other chronic illness, and to allow the expression of that peace into your body and life, supporting healing on all levels.


This website is an offering of various resources for anyone dealing with chronic illness, and specifically to those dealing with Lyme disease and tick-borne illnesses. My personal offerings are highlighted below: my book, one-on-one coaching, audio recordings of Lymethriving teleconferences addressing a wide variety of topics on the emotional component of chronic illness as well as physician guest speakers, and a list of any upcoming retreats or speaking engagements. This website also offers recommended books, guided meditations by some of my favorite teachers, and a Lyme Resource page that has lists websites that offer comprehensive information about diagnosis, testing, treatments and prevention of Lyme and tick-borne illnesses. Links to all the afore mentioned can be found in the drop-down menu labeled “Services”.

I also offer my Blog as a resource. My earlier postings (the first 9 or 10) chronicle my journey through the illness experience and what was revealed to me about myself in the process. I have continued to blog on occasion, sharing post illness life experiences.