After a couple of pretty hectic weeks, last night I hit my stride again, the stride that actually works for me…gentleness.

I climbed gratefully into bed, early.  What to read?  What to listen to?  I took my iPad and downloaded a 30 minute audio book by Gangaji, something that would resonate with alignment, her voice a gentle and hypnotic vibration of calm.  I turned my light off, put my iPad on the bed next to me, tapped ‘Play’, lay my head on the pillow and began to listen.

The soft glow off the screen illuminated my surroundings.  What I could see looked like a cloud of pillows and comforter.  I could hear my dogs breathing as they lay on the floor next to my bed, and Gangaji’s voice spoke quietly to me as I let go. Every part of my body was comfortable and my mind went quiet. It was a perfect moment of comfort and peace.  And I feel asleep well before the audio ended, present and deeply grateful for the bliss I found myself experiencing.

After 9 hours of the most restful sleep I’ve had in weeks, I awoke to the sound of rain and my dogs as they jumped onto the bed to wake me for their morning walk.  And in continued bliss, we walked the trails in the rain, the wetness enhancing the colors of the fall and the contrast between those colors and the black coats of my two companions.

The book I was listening to last night (and then listened to in its entirety this morning) is called, “What do you really want?” Contemplating that perfect moment just before falling asleep last night I was reminded that life is just a moment. It is all…just this moment. What I really want is to live each moment in the presence of bliss, in the letting go, in the ‘not doing’…to keep recreating that perfect moment.