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Chronic illness understandably draws our full attention to tending to the body. While it is appropriate to care for our bodies in whatever way feels right for ourselves, we often overlook the aspect of ourselves that contributes to our healing journey in a profound way, our emotional/spiritual selves. Healing at the emotional level supports an energetic foundation on which physical healing is supported.lotus

The most direct path to this healing is to realize the truth of who we are, that which lies beneath all the circumstances of our lives. There are many possible paths to follow to the moment of self-actualization. There are also many tools that can be implemented along the way to assist us to a broadened state of knowingness. But in truth, there is nothing you need to know or learn to awaken to your true Self. The ‘work’ of this path is in distinguishing where we are caught up in the mis-identification of ourselves as something like a job title, a role we play in life, or an illness that has taken over our lives, or any place we find ourselves stuck in emotional traumas from the past.

The intent in the sessions is to bring self-empowerment to each person. This is achieved by implementing tools that support distinguishing where and why thoughts are sustaining a position of power over a person’s experience in life, and getting to the truth of ‘what is’. You will also be supported to turn your attention to the true essence of who you are.

If you are ready and willing to begin the journey into self awareness, and feel you would benefit from having a coach to keep you moving forward, then one on one coaching sessions are for you.

My background:
I am a certified life coach and have participated in various, highly intensive and globally recognized self-development and leadership programs and been a coach in the leadership training programs. As a result of a profound Self realization, I continue to immerse myself in various teachings and explorations of consciousness, non-duality and ontology.

For the past three years I have led group teleconference calls and retreats to people dealing with Lyme, tick-borne illnesses and other chronic illnesses.

There are two options for coaching available (see below). If you would like to either schedule time or have a free consultation to discuss these options with me, please email me at

Please note:
This is not a substitute for therapy, but can be complimentary to therapy sessions.
Sessions do not address the diagnosis or treatment of illnesses. The focus is on the You that is experiencing an illness.

Weekly one hour sessions $55 per session
Bi-weekly one hour session $65 per session

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