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An empowered patient is a more peaceful and content person, sees more opportunities for him- or herself, despite the illness, and is not constantly living in fight or flight. This is a good thing, because fight or flight is a stressor, and stressors are a blockage to healing. Lymethriving offers support to release stress by addressing emotional suffering, sharing in the love of friendship and supporting you as you empower yourself.

The opportunity to find peace, love and self-empowerment in the face of chronic illness is real. The emotions evoked by the experience of chronic illness are either access points to healing or blockages to healing. Nobody knows how long they will be dealing with a chronic illness, so why wait until some undetermined point in time to tap into your authentic power to alter your relationship to illness and life itself?

My name is Jenny Rush. After a number of years of dealing with the symptoms of Lyme Disease, and at the depth of the illness experience (when I felt certain that death was imminent), I had a deep realization that resulted in a shift of allegiance from my mind to my heart. This realization uncovered a deep peace, despite the illness. Using the illness experience to facilitate profoundly liberating realizations resulted in restoring a consistent experience of well-being, and ultimately wellness. It was sometimes a bumpy and messy trip, but the humbling that resulted from a transformed life experience made it rich and worthwhile. It became clear to me along my path that the primary source of healing, and the deciding factor in how I experience all of life is myself. Lyme Disease became the powerful facilitator for my healing and inner realization, and it begs to be shared with others.

This web site and it’s offerings are an invitation to explore beneath illness, beneath suffering, to discover the wonder of who you truly are, to realize peace despite the symptoms of Lyme Disease or any other chronic illness, and to allow the expression of that peace into your body and life, supporting healing on all levels.

My Book

Chronic Illness as an Access to Quantum Healing

This is a 100-page book that details the healing process. While it touches on how I chose to tend to the physical aspects of illness, the focus is on the emotional component. In my experience, addressing the emotional component was the ultimate liberator from mental suffering, which in turn was profoundly impactful, not only on my body’s healing process, but in how my experience of life transformed. (The audio version is approximately 2 hrs)

Jenny Rush book - Chronic Illness as an Access to Quantum Healing

Available in audio, print and eBook
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What’s available:





Free teleconference calls addressing the spiritual and emotional aspect of chronic illness with topics such as Who am I?, Surrender, Forgiveness, Grief, Loss/Death. We also have guest speakers who share their expertise in treating Lyme disease holistically, offering their knowledge, guidance and wisdom. Every call offers an opportunity for Q&A.

Guest speakers are traditional and alternative healthcare practitioners who not only share their particular training but also avail information to callers that can be self-implemented.

The calls are recorded and posted on the teleconference page. There is a broad range of recorded topics available.

Although the teleconferences are on hiatus at the moment, the recordings of previous calls remain available.

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Retreats for those dealing with chronic illness. These gatherings are not focused on the illness or its treatment, but rather on exploring the true nature of who we are, beneath illness, beneath suffering, to realize the peace and love that is ever present. This supports transforming our relationship to, and the experience of, the challenges of illness.

These gatherings are organized into a series of meetings during which there are discussions and meditations to assist everyone to integrate with their bodies in a loving and safe way, releasing stored energy that no longer serves a purpose.

The retreats are relaxed and informal.

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Healing at the emotional level supports an energetic foundation on which physical healing is supported.While it is necessary and appropriate to care for our bodies during illness, we often overlook the aspect of ourselves that contributes to our healing journey in a profound way, our emotional/spiritual selves.

The intent in the sessions is to bring self-empowerment to each person by implementing tools that support distinguishing where and why thoughts are sustaining a position of power over experiences in life, and getting to the truth of ‘what is’. You will also be supported in uncovering your true essence.

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The Process


Specific lessons or understandings of Jenny’s that supported the process of healing through the un-learning of that which she believed to be true, the shift of allegiance from mind to our heart, and finally surrendering to that which she (we) already are…bringing about a sense of well-being beyond what was imagined is possible.

-Context is decisive
-Lighten Up
-The Source of Love
-Lessons Everywhere
-The Miracle

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